10 Ways To Challenge Yourself Everyday

10 Ways To Challenge Yourself Everyday

1. Do a crossword puzzle

Try one of those hard crosswords you get in the back of magazines, it’ll actually stretch your vocab too! Bonus!

2. Listen to a podcast in a different language

Might be a difficult one to get your head around, especially if you don’t understand what they’re actually saying, but it can be fun to learn phrases in another language

3. Watch a YouTube video in a different language

Same as point 2, helps you learn another language and phrases in another language.

4. Talk to a stranger

I mean, this isn’t always a good thing, but you could end up learning something interesting about life, something you didn’t know before, take your chances.

5. Take a picture everyday

6. Learn to draw

I am yet to attempt to teach myself how to draw, i have no patience, but I know people who are self-taught artists and some of their art-work is beautiful

7. Quit a bad habit

Can be hard to do, but certainly achievable, if your bad habit is eating too much chocolate or sweet stuff, get rid of everything that’s chocolate or sweet in your house, will help you achieve it.

8. Study something new

Take an online course in a new skill or topic of interest, you will expand your mind and learn new things you didn’t know before.

9. Meditate

Using one of those apps it can be easy to take out 10 minutes of your day and sit and enjoy the peace and the instructions on the app, unwind and detatch from the negativity.

10. Play a board game with friends.

This can be fun, especially if you do it when you’re drunk (not promoting underage drinking here) but it makes it a little more fun when you’re a little drunk and disoriented


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