My Own Bucket List

My Own Bucket List

This is a list of 50 things in my bucket list that I want to do or achieve in my lifetime, obviously it would be nice to achieve them all this year, but that’s clearly not achievable with some of the goals on my list haha.

  1. Follow my horoscope every day for a year
  2. Travel to all 7 continents
  3. Visit LA
  4. Have kids
  5. Visit Paris France
  6. Eat Belgian waffles in Belgium
  7. Go on a Segway
  8. Solve a Rubix-Cube
  9. Start a Family
  10. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  11. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  12. Read 100 books
  13. Travel
  14. Go to Warped Tour
  15. Be In The Front Row Of A Concert
  16. Visit New Zealand
  17. Plan a romantic picnic for two
  18. Play messy twister
  19. Build a gingerbread house
  20. Slow dance in the rain
  21. To fall in love again
  22. Do a Color Run
  23. Have my first kiss
  24. Have my first kiss
  25. Travel to Europe
  26. Learn a new language
  27. Get married
  28. Go to Hawaii
  29. Decorate my bedroom
  30. Learn to Say “Hello” in 50 Languages
  31. Complete a half-marathon
  32. Complete the 30 day challenge
  33. Sleep in a tree house
  34. Travel for the whole day with my friends
  35. Sleep under the stars on a beach
  36. Ice-skate in New York
  37. Go camping with my friends
  38. Travel in France
  39. Attend a football match
  40. Send a message in a bottle
  41. Learn how to drive
  42. Be part of a flash mob
  43. Go to Disney world
  44. Own a dog
  45. Adopt a child
  46. Find the love of my life
  47. Buy a house
  48. Buy a car
  49. Save up £1000 in £1 coins by 2021 (3 years)
  50. Have a bonfire on the beach

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