School-College Bag Essentials

School-College Bag Essentials

When going to school or college, it’s a bit obvious that you’ll need pens and paper and all that, but I have written some extras of what you should bring to school or college.



It is pretty obvious to the untrained eye that you will need pens for when you go to school, you will be writing stuff down so will be in great need of a pen, I would suggest that you take your own pen and maybe some spare pens for your friends if they haven’t brought a pen because they’ve forgotten or whatever other reason, anyway, that saves them getting told off by the teacher right?


Makeup basics:

I am usually quite minimalistic with my makeup and usually only carry what I need on me, usual touch ups like concealer and mascara are the best products to have with you in school, you don’t need to bring your whole makeup collection to school or college because after all it isn’t a fashion show, keep to a minimum and it’ll help your bag to not weigh a tonne!



I think I would generally die if I couldn’t listen to music on my way to college on the bus, it’s also useful to have headphones for when you want to listen to music in class as long as that’s okay with your teacher, of course, I would recommend getting one of those headphone tidy things that you wrap your headphone in.


An umbrella:
With the British weather being sooo unpredictable these days, it’s such a good idea to bring an umbrella, if you didn’t want one that was massive, there’s ones that are smaller that you can buy from Primark, for not very much money, and they’re useful because they’re bag size, so perfect for your school or college bag.


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