How To Get Clear Skin

How To Get Clear Skin

I believe a key to having clear skin is to make sure that you wash your face every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to bed, that way, your face if fresh before you put your makeup on, and also your face is fresh when you take your makeup off before you go to bed, because let’s face it, no one wants mascara or eyeshadow stained pillow cases! When washing your face, use lukewarm water because hot water can dry your skin out and cold water won’t open your pores, and what’s the good in that? Try using a variety of different skin care products, if one particular product brand doesn’t work, don’t stop your skincare routine, try a different brand as theirs lots and lots of different brands that you could try and use. Although, having too many skincare products can confuse your skin, if you will, and they won’t work as well if there’s lots of products combined to one routine. It’s important not to be too rough on your skin, rubbing your skin could cause it to become irritant and sore. Eat heathily can contribute to your skin looking fresh and beautiful, as well as of course, drinking plenty of water throughout the day, try to keep a balanced diet, and stay away from all the sugary foods, if you want the best chance in improving your skin, try to keep with the routine, repeat it twice a day, everyday, and you’re bound to see results as soon as you know it! Good luck with making your skin as beautiful as you really are 🙂

What skin care routine I use?





I find these products work for me, but to some people, I know they won’t work for, and that’s okay, there’s plenty of other options for you to choose from, it’s just about finding out what works for you! 🙂




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