24 Get To Know Me Questions

24 Get To Know Me Questions
  1. Are you hot? Like fire ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Are you rich? Far from that
  3. Are you in love? Does Ed Sheeran count?!
  4. Do you like coffee? No
  5. Your dream vacation? Los Angeles
  6. Who do you truly love? Ed Sheeran
  7. Last movie you watched? Peter Rabbit
  8. What sport do you play? I don’t
  9. What are you eating now? Nothing, it’s half 11
  10. How is your best friend? I think she’s alright
  11. What novels do you read? Harry Potter
  12. What is your favorite pet? Hamster;)
  13. Where is your best friend? No idea
  14. What TV shows do you like? Comedyyyy, Sitcomsss
  15. What are you watching now? Siblings
  16. Whatโ€™s the name of your pet? I don’t have any pets
  17. What is the size of your bed? Single, like me;)
  18. What are you listening to now? A TV Show
  19. What is your favorite subject? ICT
  20. Worst injury you have ever had? Squished my finger in a car door
  21. What were you doing 3 hours ago? Watching a film
  22. Are you wearing pants right now? That would be telling
  23. What are your plans for tonight? Sleep
  24. When do you usually go to sleep? 12am-1am

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