MIranda is one of my favourite shows because of how funny it is, although it does have the laughing in the background, at least they don’t laugh in the wrong places, all the episodes of the 4 series are hilarious, they also couldn’t have a better finale to the end of the show, Gary is my favourite character and I particularly love him and Miranda together, how they are hopelessly in love with each other but never want to do anything about it, Miranda reminds me of myself around boys and the male species, can’t do romance, yet I am such a sucker for romatic movies and tv shows, typical!

The plot is actually so good, and I don’t even think you need to watch the episodes in order to understand the plots of the story, Miranda is always making an idiot of herself but tries to cover it all up, especially when she trips up the stairs but still says she was mean to do that! GEnius, I mean actually that’s probably what I would do too.

Her mother is desperately trying to find her a husband as she’s getting on with age and she wants her daughter to get married, Gary and Miranda have been friends since university but still deny that there’s any kind of romance going on between the both of them.

I just really enjoy the show each time I watch it, I always like to binge watch the whole series’, great show and I would recommend it to anyone.


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